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Andrew Von Sonn (November 5, 1940 - October 9, 2015)

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In 2010, Andrew Von Sonn was a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives representing Hawaii's 2nd District. Von Sonn's campaign was devoted to serving a large number of people whose voices are not currently represented in government.

Andrew Von Sonn was concerned about the predictable consequences of a money system run by a private central bank that funnels money to its favored few, continually shifting wealth upwards, while, at the same time, loaning money to our government.

Andrew Von Sonn was also concerned about a high-profit war machine that never runs out of enemies, never runs out of ways to create new enemies, and never runs out of politicians to perpetuate its madness.

Andrew Von Sonn wrote:

"The high-profit war machine comes at a high cost to the American public - both in money and our children's lives.

While some still argue for trickle-down economics, a majority of Americans are just hanging on, hoping to be trickled on.

Those who have the money and knowledge to play this game continually reap obscene profits. Those who have the power to influence this game reap even greater fortunes.

Guys playing craps in the alley for a few dollars go to jail. Guys who play craps with our economy get bailed out by the very people they have just robbed.

We the People need to wake up!

We have the power to take our country back. It's in the Declaration of Independence."
Andrew Von Sonn was a lawyer (licensed in Hawaii and California), author, artist, musician, publisher, activist, and father who lived on the north shore of the island of Maui. To learn more, see these web sites:

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For more information, send e-mail to:  Andy@AndyVonSonn.com